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optiGA 2.0.1
optiGA for VB is an ActiveX control (OCX) for the implementation of Genetic Algorithms (GA). No matter what is the nature of your optimization problem might be, optiGA is a generic control that will perform the genetic run for you. more...
optiDesigner 1.0
optiDesigner is a Windows software for the optimal design of water distribution systems using "Genetic Algorithms" (GA). The program uses EPANET (a hydraulic simulator distributed by the US EPA). optiDesigner will design the system pipes and find their minimal cost under a set of constraints like:
- Minimal and maximal pressures at networks nodes
- Minimal and maximal velocities at networks pipes
- Maximal sources flow.

With optiDesigner you can find the most cost effective design, rehabilitation and expansion of your water distribution system.more...
optiUnits 1.0
optiUnits is a freeware tool that will allow the user to convert an EPANet model from one set of units to a different one. more...
FireFlow 2.1
FireFlow is a Freeware tool that will calculate the available flow at all network junctions while a minimal pressure is kept at demand junctions. FireFlow works in "Steady state" mode and in an "Extended Period Simulation" mode. more...
Water security
optiEDS Event detection system

Water Simulation Packages and Software
The Water Simulation Packages and Software (WSP) page is a list of water simulation software packages, both free and commercial. It brings a short description of each package and in the future will present reviews. more...
Software development
If you need custom made software for your water business we can help!
Data manipulation, hydraulic models, graphical user interface, EPANET Toolkit programming, optimization and more...

For information send a message to: selad [at] optiwater [dot] com
GA-Search is a search engine that is dedicated to Genetic Algorithms (GA). The "Spider" index only GA related sites. At this time, there are 55,000 indexed words. more...
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Event detection system

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